Module 1: Welcome to College


Students have engaged in Pathways Planning modules in year 5 through to year 10 and completed the previous sections/stages of the Pathways website. Year 11 students have transitioned from a high school setting to college.

Indicators of Learning 

At the end of this unit students will have:

  • Registered on the Pathways website at   
  • Completed all learning activities in Module 1
  • Completed the reflection 
  • Emailed Module 1 to their college career practitioner who is overseeing the R unit.

Lesson Delivery


Let’s get started! It’s time to examine how you manage your time. Balancing your study, work and life is an important skill for career success.

Pathways Planning Learning

  • Complete the work/life balance evaluation activity
  • Add any other responsibilities
  • Reflect on your work/life balance. Ask yourself some questions about how and on what you spend your time each day. Too much work? Too much play? 
  • Draw up a weekly timetable/schedule and set priorities
  • Are you spending more time on the things you like or are more interested in doing? Is there a trend?
  • Make a plan to complete this R unit within 8 weeks 
  • Investigate R units or other opportunities offered outside of college that will further develop your knowledge and skills for your future career.


Email this module to your career practitioner to let them know that you have commenced this R unit. Have you made an appointment with your career practitioner? You may like to invite a friend to attend with you. Reflect upon your work/life balance and how planning can have a positive impact on your success at college.