Module 1: Welcome to College


Students have engaged in Pathways Planning modules in year 5 through to year 10 and completed the previous sections/stages of the Pathways website. Year 11 students have transitioned from a high school setting to college.

Indicators of Learning 

At the end of this unit students will have:

  • Registered on the Pathways website at   

  • Completed all learning activities in Module 1

  • Completed the reflection 

  • Emailed Module 1 to their college career practitioner who is overseeing the R unit.

Lesson Delivery


Let’s get started! It’s time to examine how you manage your time. Balancing your study, work and life is an important skill for career success.

Pathways Planning Learning

  • Complete the work/life balance evaluation activity

  • Add any other responsibilities

  • Reflect on your work/life balance. Ask yourself some questions about how and on what you spend your time each day. Too much work? Too much play? 

  • Draw up a weekly timetable/schedule and set priorities

  • Are you spending more time on the things you like or are more interested in doing? Is there a trend?

  • Make a plan to complete this R unit within 8 weeks 

  • Investigate R units or other opportunities offered outside of college that will further develop your knowledge and skills for your future career

  • Complete the Career Development Scale now and measure my growth again in Module 9 "My Transition Plan". How will Pathways support me and my career building?


Email this module to your career practitioner to let them know that you have commenced this R unit. Have you made an appointment with your career practitioner? You may like to invite a friend to attend with you. Reflect upon your work/life balance and how planning can have a positive impact on your success at college. Record your reflection in a place where it can be accessed for a conversation with your career practitioner. I have reflected on my career after completing the Career Develpment Scale.