Module 2: My Package Planner


Students have completed Module 1 and attended/booked an appointment with their college practitioner.

Indicators of Learning 

At the end of this unit students will have:

  • Accessed their BSSS Profile Online

  • Planned their package on the template attached

  • Met with their college career practitioner 

  • Completed the reflection.

Lesson Delivery


We will continue to examine how you manage your time! Balancing your study, work and life is an important skill for career success. 

Pathways Planning Learning

  • Access the BSSS website and investigate your package and what it means

  • Locate your BSSS Profile Online at 

  • Plan and talk through your college package with a supportive teacher

  • Investigate prerequisites, University Admissions Guide (UAC) //traineeship/apprenticeship and recommended study/vocational courses, job opportunities, scholarships and more

  • Email this module to your career practitioner and make an appointment to discuss your Year 12 Senior Secondary Certificate package

  • Complete the package template with the help of the career practitioner /supportive teacher and discuss your Year 12 Senior Secondary Certificate.


Have you chosen subjects you like/enjoy and are good at? Are you feeling challenged by your package? Have you chosen prerequisite subjects required for study beyond college? Have you planned your college package to keep on track to achieve the year 12 Senior Secondary Certificate and achieve any other qualifications? Have you selected a “VET” subject that will give you skills for employment – right now! Are you feeling motivated?