Module 3: My Career Action Plan


Students have completed Modules 1 and 2 and attended an appointment with their college career practitioner.

Indicators of Learning 

At the end of this unit students will have:

  • Completed all learning activities in Module 3

  • Researched websites to assist with goal setting

  • Developed and written a career goal

  • Completed their reflection. 

Lesson Delivery


It is important to set yourself goals for life, learning and your career. This is a great time to set yourself some. Watch the video first to learn how important goal setting is when thinking about your career. Look at all the useful links to help you research your options. Make a decision about which links you want to access.

Pathways Planning Learning

  • Watch the video: Focus on your journey

  • Investigate options and the relevant websites

  • Think critically about the information you have read. What is useful?

  • Think about a goal – a career, learning or work goal. Make it SMART. How motivated are you to achieve your goals? If you said 8, 9 or 10 that means you are motivated. If you said 7 or less – maybe rethink your goal

  • Add the goal to develop your action plan. You can make numerous plans

  • Email this module to your career practitioner and share it with another adult or friend

  • Complete the year 10 CEAV career action plan using the template.


Did I set myself a SMART goal? How will this help me achieve success after college? How will you feel when you achieved your goal? Did you share this action plan with another adult or friend? How did it help? Once you have achieved your goal mark it as successfully completed on Pathways. Record your reflection.