Module 6: Skills for Work


Students have completed Modules 1 to 5 and attended an interview and booked another appointment with their college career practitioner to discuss their work placement.

Indicators of Learning 

At the end of this unit students will have:

  • Completed all learning activities in Module 6

  • Gathered information about skills for work

  • Accessed the link and watched the video about what employers want

  • Completed the quiz and assessed their skills for work

  • Completed the reflection.

Lesson Delivery


It’s time to assess your work placement skills. Learn what employers want and how you can meet their expectations. There’s lots to know and learn about to help you start and develop your career. Don’t worry! Your skills will continue to grow and develop as you try out work placements.

Pathways Planning Learning

  • Click the link and read the information provided about what employers want

  • See how important your skills are when you watch the video from the Foundations for Young Australians 

  • Complete the quiz to assess your skills for work. Where are your strengths and what do you think you need to develop?

  • Use the “words” in this quiz to document your skills for work on your resume

  • Did you receive workplace feedback? Compare and contrast your reflection to the feedback provided by your workplace host employer.


What have I learned about what employers want? What have I learned about myself? Which skills do I have already and where should I aim to improve? Are my skills listed my your resume? Do I need to update my resume? Am I you work ready?