Module 7: My Achievements


Students have completed modules 1 to 6.

Indicators of Learning 

At the end of this unit students will have:

  • Listed and audited their achievements

  • Accessed sample resumes

  • Completed and printed a resume

  • Completed the reflection.

Lesson Delivery


The My Achievement Module provides an opportunity to document your achievements. Here is where you create your resume so you are prepared for the job you want. Get the basics right to improve your chances of impressing an employer. It’s easier than you think!

Pathways Planning Learning

  • Look at your year 10 achievements that have transferred to your year 11-12 Plan

  • Add any additional achievements you may have gained. Is it something you have done in the community, school, work or through volunteering? Add the date and name the achievement

  • Start to list the skills and capabilities you have developed or that contributed to your achievement

  • Look at to get some tips and see examples of other resumes and cover letters

  • Complete your resume and email this Module (your resume) to your career practitioner, parent, employer or/and friend.


Does my resume reflect my best self and all my achievements? Is it tailored for the job I am applying for? What feedback did I receive from my career practitioner’s and others about my resume? Is there anything else I should add? Have I looked in the Resume Builder Module to access more information and links to resumes?