Module 8: My Next Destination


Students have completed modules 1 to 7 and attended/booked an appointment with their college career practitioner.

Indicators of Learning 

At the end of this unit students will have:

  • Completed all learning activities in Module 8

  • Accessed the relevant links and researched post school options

  • Completed the reflection 

  • Emailed module 8 to their college career practitioner.

  • Made an appointment to discuss the next steps.

Lesson Delivery


Your transition plan is really important. The information you gather will provide information to enable you to take your next step with increased confidence. In this Module you are invited to research your options and make a good career decision by exploring websites and gathering information that supports your plan. Where are you going after college? Answer the questions that are posed to you and get help from your career practitioner if you are not sure.

Pathways Planning Learning

  • Locate, read and analyse relevant career information

  • Click on the links to investigate and gather information

  • Make a good career enhancing decision

  • Complete the questions about your next destination and email the module to your career practitioner 

  • Think about what you need to do now to transition smoothly to your next destination. Make a plan!!

  • Completed the Career Development Scale and compared my results to my initial self assessment in Module One. 


I have made a plan and I am able to action my next step out of college. I may still need some help and have made an appointment with my career practitioner to talk about the next step. Your career practitioner may refer you to a university, CIT or TAFE, training organisation or give you more career information.

I have almost successfully completed this R unit and feel more confident about my career, life and work goals. I have completed the Career Development Scale and reflected upon my career readiness and growth since starting college and Pathways Planning.