Module 9: CareersXpo


Students have completed modules 1 to 8 and attended/booked an appointment with their college career practitioner. They have been to the annual CareersXpo.

Indicators of Learning 

At the end of this unit students will have:

  • Completed all learning activities in module 9: CareersXpo

  • Researched post school options 

  • Explored the industries link on Pathways

  • Attended the CareersXpo

  • Completed the CareersXpo booklet 

  • Made an appointment with the career practitioner to verify Xpo attendance.

Lesson Delivery


The Canberra CareersXpo is an annual event usually conducted on the first Wednesday and Thursday of August each year. The Canberra CareersXpo specialises in presenting valuable career opportunities to secondary students in the ACT. There are over 100 local and national exhibitors, including universities, colleges and career placement organisations providing a range of information. Students are invited to visit the careersXpo as part of their career exploration. Students must ensure they have contacted their career practitioner for permission to attend.

Pathways Planning Learning

  • Locate, read and analyse relevant career information about industries you may be interested in knowing more about

  • Identify the options available to you

  • Click on the link in Pathways to investigate and gather information

  • Ask your career practitioner for the current CareersXpo booklet

  • Complete the activities in the booklet prior to the CareersXpo

  • Click on the CareersXpo link on Pathways to plan you visit

  • Complete the family career questionnaire and submit the completed CareersXpo booklet to your career practitioner

  • Complete the reflection questions on Pathways after the visit to the CareersXpo.


I have learned much more about the world of work and what opportunities exist in a myriad of interest areas. Upon reflection, I may still need some help and have made an appointment with my career practitioner to talk about the next step. I have almost successfully completed this R unit and feel more confident about my career, life and work goals.