Lesson 1: Who Am I?

Recent Prior Experience

Students must register and log onto the Pathways website to create an account to start their Pathways Plan learning. Students set up their background and choose their avatar. This is the first lesson and an introduction to Pathways for year 5/6 students.

Indicators of Learning

Students will:

  • Identify personal qualities that describe themselves

  • Discover positive qualities about themselves 

General Capabilities

Personal and social capability: Self-awareness

Sub element: Recognise personal qualities and achievements

Indicator of learning: Students identify their likes and dislikes, needs and wants, and explore what influences these


Lesson Delivery


15 Minutes - Exploring Personal Qualities

Lead a discussion on personal qualities and how each student has specific qualities that make them unique. To help students identify their personal qualities, introduce the game ‘thumbs up, thumbs down, thumbs in the middle’. 


15 Minutes -  Discovering Skills

In small groups ask students to share something they like doing/think they are good at and provide the person sitting next to them with something they believe that person is good at. For example ‘I like to use technology and I believe Mary is good at solving number problems’. Provide students with an example first.

15 Minutes -  Personality Types

Using the set of Personality Type posters, lead a discussion on how being aware of your personal qualities and skills can help determine which types of jobs suit you. Ask students to think of different jobs to suit each personality type. Discuss the idea that students may connect with one or several personality types.


20 Minutes

Ask students to login to their Pathways Plan and complete Module 1: ‘Who am I?’

Create a collage of five images (electronically) that reflects who you are. Add the sentences you have created from Module 1. Put your name at the top of your work.

Lesson Evaluation

  • Achievement standard statement

  • Catering for individual differences, learning styles, special needs (student diversity)

ABCD Career competency: Personal Management

1.0 Build and maintain a positive self-concept