Lesson 6: My Transition Plan

Recent Prior Experience

Students have completed Modules 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the Pathways Plan.  Students are preparing to transition from primary school to a high school setting.

Indicators of Learning

Students will:

  • Identify the people who can help with changes in their life

  • Develop skills/strategies to prepare for change/times of transition

  • Identify their strengths to share with their new teacher/school

General Capabilities

Personal and social capability: Self-awareness

Sub element:  Develop reflective practice

Indicator of learning: Students reflect on their feelings as learners and how their efforts affect skills and achievements

Personal and social capability: Self-management

Sub element: Develop self-discipline and set goals  

Indicator of learning: Students explain the value of self-discipline and goal-setting in helping them to learn

Personal and social capability: Social awareness

Sub element: Contribute to civil society 

Indicator of learning: Students identify the various communities to which they belong and what they can do to make a difference

Personal and social capability: Social management

Sub element: Make decisions

Indicator of learning: Students identify options when making decisions to meet their needs and the needs of others


Lesson Delivery


20 Minutes - Changes In My Life

Lead a discussion on change is constant. We all change and so does the world around us. Encourage students to be open to change so they can make the most of new opportunities. Ask students to complete the Changes in My Life worksheet. Get a few stories from students about how they felt about a change in their life to date. Introduce the “High 5” Principles of Career Development. Encourage them to think about and identify their allies (access their allies).


10 Minutes - Expectations of High School

One way to encourage students to start thinking about their expectations of high school is to ask them to complete the Good Teacher activity. 

30 Minutes - Expressing Yourself

To help students identify their strengths to share with their new teacher/school, introduce the Dream, Believe, Succeed art activity. 


20 Minutes

Ask students to login to their pathways plan and complete Module 6: My transition plan.

Lesson Evaluation

  • Achievement standard statement

  • Catering for individual differences, learning styles, special needs (student diversity)

ABCD Career Competencies: Personal Management

1.3 Develop abilities to maintain a positive self-concept