Lesson 7: My Reflection and School Review

Recent Prior Experience

Students have completed Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the Pathways Plan. Students are preparing to transition from primary school to a high school setting.

Indicators of Learning

Students will:

  • Reflect on their experience of primary school

  • Identify their feelings about transitioning into high school

  • Communicate expectations about high school

General Capabilities

Personal and social capability: 

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-management

  • Social awareness 

  • Social management 


Lesson Delivery


20 Minutes - Transitioning to High School

Lead a discussion on starting high school and the different feelings students may have about the opportunities and/or challenges this presents. For students to think about the differences and similarities between primary and high school, lead students in the What’s Your Opinion? worksheet. 


20 Minutes - Transitioning to High School

To help students identify their feelings about transitioning into high school, ask them to complete the Colour of High School worksheet. 

To help students discuss their understanding about what will ‘change’ from primary to high school, ask them to complete the What High School Brings worksheet.

To encourage communication between students and their parents/carer, ask students to take home the Year 6 parent/carer survey to complete with their parent/carer. 


20 Minutes

Ask students to login to their pathways plan and complete Module 7: My reflection and school review.

Lesson Evaluation

  • Achievement standard statement

  • Catering for individual differences, learning styles, special needs (student diversity)

ABCD Career Competencies: Personal Management

1.3 Develop abilities to maintain a positive self-concept