Lesson 11: My Reflection and e-portfolio

Recent Prior Experience

Students have completed modules 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of their Pathways Plan.

Indicators of Learning 

Students will:

  • reflect on their experience of high school

  • identify their feelings about transitioning into college/work and further study

  • communicate expectations about the next phase of their learning and future options.

General Capabilities

Personal and social capability 

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-management

  • Social awareness

  • Social management

Critical and creative thinking

  • Inquiring – identifying, exploring and organising information and ideas

  • Generating ideas, possibilities and actions

  • Reflecting on thinking and processes 

  • Analysing, synthesising and evaluating reasoning and procedures

Lesson Delivery


15 Minutes - e-portfolio

Time to start thinking about your e-portfolio. An e-portfolio is a ‘story of learning’. Creating one is a way of collecting evidence of your learning, achievements and qualifications, and revealing the critical and creative thinking and reflective process behind the product.

E-portfolios are an excellent way of organising and showcasing your work, and gathering evidence of your skills, knowledge and capabilities to demonstrate to yourself and others, particularly employers, that every decision you make is informed and career enhancing. 

The e-portfolio PowerPoint provides information about the purpose and importance of e-portfolios, and a focus for discussion. Using Resource B, students create their e-portfolio through Google Sites as instructed. 


20 Minutes

Using the link to Google Sites, students start creating an e-portfolio that gathers evidence of their learning and career journey to date.  The e-portfolio can be stored/saved on the students’ school profile and USB for continued building.  

Using the headings in Resource B to assist, students create a personalised e-portfolio.


15 Minutes

Ask students to login to their Pathways Plan and complete module 11: My reflection and review.

Lesson Evaluation

  • Achievement standard statement

  • Catering for individual differences, learning styles, special needs (student diversity)

ABCD Career Competencies

Career building 

8. Make career enhancing decisions

8.4 Incorporate realism into your career decision-making

9. Maintain balanced life and work roles

9.4 Incorporate life/work balance into the career building process

10. Understand the changing nature of life and work roles

10.2. Explore non-traditional life and work options

11. Understand, engage in and manage the career building process

11.1 Explore the underlying concepts of the career building process 

11.2 Understand and experience the career building process